Tips On Getting Ready For Residential Real Estate Appraisal

Getting prepared for a real estate appraisal of a home is not complex. Once the loan has been approved, an appraiser is assigned to the property by either the lending firm or in the case of loans of veterans, by the VA itself. The loan financier should produce both the sale agreement and an assignment order. The appraiser is responsible for reviewing the sale contract whenever they are assigned to the property. In the case of refinancing and other types of requests there is no sale contact.

To avoid unnecessary delays, the house should be accessible at all times. Majority of appraisers belong to the local board of realtors and usually own a lockbox key. In cases where tenants are occupying the house, it is good to use the listing agent to arrange the appointments. This makes the tenant a bit relaxed because they are familiar with the listing agent.

It is is in the best interest of the homeowner to have their houses tidy and well arranged. Appraisers are viewing the property from the perspective of the potential buyer, so it is good to create a good first impression. Appraisers often visit the home when the owner is in the middle of moving out, this means boxes and other items are not in order. There is nothing wrong with that. Appraisers do not mind that things are in disarray, but they are more concerned with viewing all the parts of the house including the garage and not how the house looks.

The appraiser is likely to take measurements of the garage interiors and inspect the water heater and AC closets, so make sure these places are easily accessible. The appraisers are put off by thorny and impassible entryways because there are shrubs all over. This is because at some point they will need to use a measuring tape outside each wall.

Dogs in the property can be a threat to the appraisal guys. Dogs should be put on a leash and penned up the day the appraiser is visiting the property, they should not be left to wonder on the backyard. If the dog is put is locked in the garage, they should be put in a cage as well.

It is usually recommended that the homeowner not to be present during the appraisal. Appraisers prefer them to be present because of dogs. If the appraiser is allowed to visit the property when no one is home, the burglar alerts should be put off before the homeowner leaves.

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