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How UV Can Damage Your Eyes

Even though your eye occupies less than 2 percent of your body’s surface area, it’s the only organ system that allows visible light to penetrate the body. Over the course of human evolution, we’ve also developed mechanisms to protect our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, however these can’t prevent the damaging effects of UV. Your eyelid’s skin is exceedingly thin with contains numerous fragile components that can be injured by UV light. While your lens and the cornea work to filter UV rays, after many years of doing their job they can become damaged causing vision problems in later life.

Common eye disorders caused by UV radiation damage:

PTERIGIUM (pronounced with a silent ‘P’)

Most authorities believe prolonged UV exposure causes this common cosmetic blemish where the conjunctiva (the thin, protective membrane covering the eye surface) grows onto the surface of the eye. Sometimes the conjunctiva …